Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When/Where I Read

I realize that 79 books might sound a little crazy. I've always been a fast reader but I also read a lot during the day. I read over breakfast in the morning, when I'm brushing my teeth, on the subway to and from work, at the gym and in bed at night before going to sleep. We actually have a 30 minute reading block built into the day at school, although I rarely get to use that time since I usually have to check homework or emails or post assignments and plan lessons. At the gym I alternate between magazines (I subscribe to US Weekly and Entertainment Weekly - my guilty pleasures), but I get through those pretty fast. I used to get more magazines, but couldn't really keep on top of them. Reading actual books at the gym was touch. I needed one of those plastic things to hold the book open on the elliptical, but even then, it was pretty irritating. Fortunately, my kindle changed that, which is probably why I read more books once I got it. It's SO much easier to read at the gym without worrying about the book not staying open. Now the only thing I have to worry about is not forgetting the kindle at the gym if I end up reading a magazine or playing on my phone instead.

I also travel a lot. My parents live in Massachusetts and my husband's family lives in Pennsylvania, so we are constantly going from one place to the next. I read in the car constantly, as well as on various trains and buses that I use to get around. That's another reason why the kindle is so convenient (can you tell I am obsessed with it?). It's light and I have tons of books loaded on it.

Speaking of the kindle, while I'm working on reading World War Z, I'm planning on reviewing the Kindle Touch. Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Dorothy:
    Saw your Glamour review thanks to Rhys Bowen's article about being in it, on Goodreads. I'm not a Glamour reader usually (wrong age group...) but that article was lots of fun - I always love hearing about/from other max-readers!

    You *really* ought to check out Goodreads! Wonderful place for us book junkies. (grin). I, my thousands of old books, and the three cats are in Boston, and we've been a part of Goodreads for over a year now. I must say, for somebody like me who isn't all that fond of "instant!" media (i.e., Twitter, facebook, etc.) it's a wonderful place to talk about books. WARNING: you'll find yourself spending 'way too much time there, but their resources AND their interface are wonderful.

  2. Abbey, thanks for the Goodreads recommendation. I've seen it before but never really explored it. I joined this morning!

    And I'm not a Glamour reader either. My friend, who is an editor there, just asked me to write up my recommendations!