Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Digital Library Books

I got a NY public library card years ago because there was a branch in my neighborhood, but I rarely ended up using it until the library's e-books became compatible with amazon earlier this year. Of course my card had expired and I needed to renew it, but since then I've taken out a lot of books.

Anyway, the New York Public Library is really embracing digital books. Their titles are available for a variety of e-readers and while they don't stock every book, they have a pretty solid collection that is growing every day. It saved me a lot of money on books this fall!

NYPL just put out a press release about the launch of their new page called eBook Central where you can find books, but also get in touch with librarians and see a schedule for in-person assistance with taking out books with an e-reader. 

Most libraries around the country are making e-books available, which is a great alternative to buying books constantly for avid readers!

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