Monday, January 2, 2012

New Books

I very rarely get books as gifts anymore since I got my Kindle, but this Christmas, I was very happy to get two interesting books.

The first is The Phantom Tollbooth,one of my all time favorite books. I have a much loved paperback copy, of course, but this is an annotated, fiftieth anniversary edition. I flipped through it a bit over the holiday and got a little teary. Clearly I'm an emotional person. Anyway, this book it awesome. It's about a little boy named Milo who is completely dissatisfied with life until he takes a journey through a magical tollbooth. What's really brilliant about it is Norton Juster's word play and adorable illustrations. It's a great book for both young and adult readers!

The second book was a surprise from my dad. It's a signed edition of an anthology of zombie themed stories authors like HP Lovecraft, Steven King and Edgar Allen Poe. I have a zombie thing, apparently. I figure that zombie apocalypse books beat out sparkly vampires any day of the week (I do love vampires, but only the Joss Whedon and True Blood variety). Anyway, my husband and I did a zombie themed run this year and I'm teaching an elective called An Apocalyptic Adventure this year. I haven't read any of the stories yet, but it will definitely help with my class, since it's only three weeks so I really need short reading material. And it's signed by the author, which is not something I care about like my dad (an avid book collector) does, but it's still pretty cool. I'm sure it'll be worth a read!

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