Monday, January 2, 2012

What started it all...

So yesterday my former babysitter and current friend, Suzy, asked me to contribute to her blog through Glamour magazine. She wanted to do a post on books for women to read this year and since I'm a huge reader, she asked me for my recommendations. She asked if she could link to a blog, but I didn't have one. The Kindle lets you link a finished book to facebook or another social network, so I've been doing that for a few months and some friends have mentioned that they like seeing what I read and getting ideas from it. I had no idea people would respond to those little posts. I didn't even do reviews - just listed what I'd read. The Kindle Touch lets you rate a book out of five stars, but again, I never wrote any kind of review. Anyway, I mentioned that Suzy suggested that I do a blog to my husband, who immediately told me that I should. So anyway, I set this up and plan to post reviews for the books that I read and maybe other things that strike my interest. I love writing, so it's good for me to write something that isn't involved with school work. Anyway, Suzy posted my book recommendations and I'm really excited to be posting more in the future!

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