Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reached Review

I really don't know why I read this entire trilogy. The premise of the first one was intriguing: people live in a totalitarian society where even marriage in controlled. A young girl named Cassia is paired with her childhood friend, Xander, but then an image of another local boy named Ky pops onto her computer screen, making her doubt her future. I guess I was riding high on The Hunger Games wave when I picked this up, but frankly the first was the best because it set up the world so nicely. The other two were just meh. There were some interesting ideas - uprisings against the status quo and rebuilding the world. But Suzanne Collins did it better in The Hunger Games series. These characters were not particularly lively or interesting. I never got an idea of why Cassia was so desirable or why she loved either of the guys. They all just seemed kinda blah. You know it's a problem when you change voices with each chapter, but sometimes the reader forgets who is speaking because everyone SOUNDS THE SAME!!! Describing characters as the poet, the pilot and the physic definitely does not give them personalities.

I'm guessing that if you loved the other two books in the series (Matched and Crossed) then you will probably love this too. I just wasn't interested. The covers are pretty though.

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