Monday, February 20, 2012

Locke and Key

My husband read this comic written by Stephen King's son a little while ago and really wanted me to read it. I flipped through it a bit but thought it might be a bit too violent. He made me promise to read it in exchange for him reading The Unwritten, one of my favorite new graphic novels. I read this yesterday after finishing Beauty Queens. It's a quick read, as much graphic novels are, and it's really awesome.

The premise is that the Locke family's life is torn apart after the murder of their father by a deranged high school student. The mom, Nina, moves her three kids (Tyler, Kinsey and Bode) across the country from California to the family estate in Massachusetts, where their uncle Duncan lives. They move into a big, rambling old Victorian house, where little Bode stumbles upon some strange mysteries. The action jumps back and forth between the three kids, as well as the teenaged killer, so you get the story from a lot of different, unique, perspectives as the Locke family tries to rebuild their lives. The house itself is filled with mysteries - voices coming from a well and doors that do strange things to you when you go through them.

It reminded me a bit of American Horror Story: intriguing, creepy, a little gross but ultimately a story that sucks you in. For those of you who like comics or horror stories, pick this up. The series will only run for six books, which is good - limited issues make for a tighter story. Five of the six are out now.

The comic was actually adapted into a pilot that unfortunately Fox decided not to pick up. It looks pretty cool.

I've already started my next book, Maze Runner. It sounds a bit like The Hunger Games from a male perspective. I love dystopian books and my friend who loved Hunger Games read this at my suggestion and liked it a lot. I'm 10% in and so far, it's really cool. Stay tuned for the review!

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